Investing for Resiliency and Prosperity

GameChange Capital LLC

GameChange Capital LLC is a private equity firm formed in 2011 by Daniel Abbasi with the visionary backing of Chris Hohn and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation ( to invest in the formation and early-stage commercialization of transformational technologies and business models offering the promise to profitably reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

GameChange Capital's first investment was in Flowcastings GmbH, a manufacturing company that is bringing dynamic process innovation to the manufacture of complex, high-value turbine airfoils for the global aircraft engine industry, thereby accelerating its customers’ drive to improve engine performance, fuel efficiency and emissions performance.

In 2016, GameChange expanded its activities to work with clients in originating and managing investments across all asset classes, not just early-stage ventures but also structured project finance and the scaling up of companies whose solutions have already been brought to market, and achieved early market acceptance and revenue traction. GameChange works with its clients both on direct investments and fund investments.

GameChange Capital deploys not just financial capital, but intellectual capital, to its investees, drawing on its principals’ and affiliates' experience and networks in technology, policy and finance.